UV-C resistant conveyor belts

Conveyor and processing belts manufactured with UV-stabilized formulations do not age prematurely due to the influence of radiation. Forbo - © Forbo

With its high speed and ease of use, UV-C disinfection has become an integral part of hygiene technology. Conveyor belts without UV protection are only of limited use. Their coating can quickly become brittle, colonized by germs or even a hygiene risk.

At Forbo (Hannover, Germany) all PVC and PU coatings of fabric-based conveyor and processing belts are manufactured with UV-stabilized formulations. This reliably prevents premature aging due to the influence of UV-C radiation (cracking and tendency to break). The belt surface remains closed, cannot attract germs, and retains its cleaning ability. Due to increasingly stringent requirements for hygiene and health protection, the raw materials used have been continuously improved in recent years. The surface stability and service life of these materials under the influence of UV-C radiation have been increased many times over and process safety also improved, according to the manufacturer. The risk of contamination from the belt is significantly reduced when the system is operated properly. In many automated production and logistics processes, only the cost-neutral use of UV-C resistant belts allows the safe and economical operation of UV-C disinfection systems.