Continuous output

The AMP mixer and the Wolf AMG impress with long running times and minimal maintenance. Alco - © Alco

Alco (Bad Iburg, Germany) has been present on the market with its standardization line for over 40 years. One component in this line, the AMP mixer, has constantly evolved over the years.

The mixer is suitable for standardizing and preparing sausage and potato products, molded products, deli salads, processed cheese products, or even mixtures for the canning industry. It optimally and uniformly mixes sensitive products as well as a wide variety of trendy and convenience foods.

The AMP mixer always delivers the desired results, no matter whether the product requires consistent fat and lean meat content, homogeneous mixing of seasoning additions, or improved liquid absorption, according to Alco. Many optionally available features complement the mixing technology and promote quality and taste.

The cooling and heating processes provide a special benefit. Nozzles in the mixing pan allow direct steam injection and ensure fast and gentle heating or thawing. Products are cooled via cryogenic gases injected into the mixing trough either via CO2 injection fittings in the lid or N2 injection in the mixing tray.

Cooling the mixture down to minus three degrees Celsius achieves better dimensional stability for further production processes. The optional vacuum equipment enables optimized protein digestion or low gas entrapment and prevention of cryogenic gases escaping into subsequent cooking processes or into the packaging. With a mixing capacity of up to 15,000 liters, the AMP is a reliable and flexible partner for a wide range of products.

The product mixture is set in motion by powerful shafts. These can change direction and speed for perfect mixing results.

Clever details ensure easy and thorough cleaning. Between the drive housing and the mixing vessel, the shafts run through a vacant space that makes them easily accessible and also facilitates cleaning.

The operator adds pre-shredded raw material to the mixer via various conveyor systems such as the Wolf AMG. Designed for industrial meat processors, the robust grinder delivers maximum output. A twin-screw system and various blade sets with optional separation mechanisms are adaptable to individual requirements and grind various types of raw meat and fat as well as frozen meat blocks down to a temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius.