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Well packed is optimally protected

Packaging meat and sausage products is a complex field. All materials used must meet the highest standards of shelf life and hygiene, as well as fulfill labeling and environmental specifications. Professional machine technology helps – from filling to sealing and capping.

Dosing and bulk material systems fill plastic cups with meat salad, for example, jars with goulash, or cans with sausage meat. These systems then automatically seal the packages. Automatic thermoformers produce variably sized film packaging for sensitive foodstuffs. Vacuum and flowpack sealing machines protect wares from bacteria and spoilage with airtight wrappers. Moisture barriers and good sealing properties are also important.

Bratwurst, boiled sausages & similar products are often packaged under pressure or an inert gas atmosphere to improve their shelf life and protect original flavors. During packaging, separating agents for sliced goods may also be used. Integrated labeling systems help meet legal information requirements, (laser) marking systems ensure the traceability of each batch.

When making investment decisions, companies should consider functionality: can the packaging system be integrated into their production lines? Other important features include user-friendliness (such as fast film or format changeovers, compatibility with pouches, cans and cups from different manufacturers, user-friendly touchscreen controls) and hygienic, easy cleaning between batches or at the end of shifts. Additionally, eco-friendliness and recyclability of the packaging material is increasingly important.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a range of packaging machines that can help industrial meat processing plants further optimize their production processes.

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