Weight-true, flexible, hygienic

Ideal for cooked ham: the XP1’s conveying curve is mounted on bearings and therefore wear-free. It even transports whole muscle pieces gently. Vemag - © Vemag

With its XP and HPE series filling systems, Vemag (Verden, Germany) offers suitable solutions for producing industrial quantities of cooked ham, minced meat, burger patties, raw sausage, or sausages.

Vemag conveyor curves are at the heart of all these machines. They gently transport the product from the infeed to the discharge of the machine. Thanks to the Duo Drive, which has separate drives for the conveying curve and the infeed, the machine’s performance does not drop, even with cold, very solid masses. The Vemag portfolio is completed by filler-grinders that can continuously separate products as well as incorporate a total vacuum system.

With its XP1 and XP2, Vemag offers high-performance vacuum fillers with an output of 25 and 12 tons per hour, respectively. The XP1 is ideal for cooked ham production; its conveying curve is mounted on bearings and is therefore wear-free. Its curve geometry ensures gentle conveyance of whole muscle pieces, for example. The XP2, in combination with the Vemag separating grinder 983, is particularly suitable for producing ground meat, raw sausage, or pet food. The XP2 can even handle large quantities of frozen meat with up to 70 percent ground meat.

The HPE series convinces with weight-accurate portioning and high filling capacities for portioned products. In conjunction with attachments and accessories, these systems enable the production of a wide variety of products and support even complex production processes.