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Weighed, checked, and packed

Ishida (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany) offers technical solutions for rapid and precise filling of fresh meat. These include a 14-head CCW-RV scale for small target weights and high speeds and a 32-head CCW-RV scale model that simultaneously processes up to eight different product components.

Ishida has equipped the X-ray inspection systems with many new functions. They can now detect low- and high-density foreign objects in packaged products as well as in bulk materials. The new IX-GN-5523 X-ray inspection system was specially developed for XXL products and can inspect entire containers or large individual items weighing up to 30 kg. All X-ray inspection systems use Ishida’s patented Genetic Algorithm technology for continuous sensitization to specific foreign objects.

Ishida checkweighers ensure compliance with legal regulations. The DACS-GN series now has several new models for different requirements. The MID-compliant DACS-GN-S080 model, for example, can control packages weighing up to eight kilograms and is ideal for medium performance requirements. The new DACS-GN-F premium model reaches belt speeds of 120 meters per minute and an accuracy of 0.1 g. The Retail Reject Confirmation function lets manufacturers prove to retailers that they have rejected faulty products. Now, Ishida offers a model for checking large collated boxes and containers. The DACS-GN-S-150 checkweigher, for example, checks large pouches weighing up to twelve kilograms.

The company also implements line solutions of all types. The central component of one line is the new QX-900 high-performance tray sealer, which also processes cardboard MAP trays and reaches speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute. Another line with a QX-775 traysealer packages fresh meat in flat cardboard trays using the film-saving skin-on-board technology.

The Ishida Robot Grader packages meat pieces of different sizes and shapes with fixed target weights. Combined with an IX-G2 X-ray inspection system, protection against foreign objects is also guaranteed.

Ishida also supplies equipment for the Smart Factory. Intelligent software solutions enable remote monitoring of packaging lines and analysis of production data. The Sentinel software, for example, prevents downtime by signaling problems before errors occur. The Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS) captures the information of every single package that passes through the quality control systems.

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