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View stunning data at the click of a mouse

In the meat processing industry, businesses these days would not think of using technologies that increase efficiency without first having adopted measures to improve animal welfare.

Almost a full decade ago now Freund machine manufacturers (Paderborn, Germany) no longer viewed cost effectiveness and ethical requirements for animal welfare as separate issues and developed the stunning transformers STUN-E512, STUN-E513 and STUN-E514. These units were, according to the manufacturer, far ahead of their time in regards to data recording and adaptation of the stunning parameters. Because right from the start, user errors and inadequate stunning procedures were displayed promptly so that any issues could be specifically dealt with by adapting the stunning parameters.

The company has further refined this technology in its series of current stunning transformers STUN-E4, STUN-E6 and STUN-E8. Equipped with a web interface including an internet connection, recorded stunning data can be viewed with a mouse click and exported if required. Customer configurations and requirement-specific stunning parameters can also be adapted in a trice using remote access. Operator errors, which not uncommonly lead to inadequate stunning procedures and inoperative stunning transformers, can also be corrected with just a few mouse clicks by a qualified Freund technician.

The physical saving and archiving of recorded data, which will have to be meticulously recorded, saved and archived from December 2019 onwards, can be effortlessly handled with the new stunning transformers. With the takeover and integration of Karl Schermer GmbH & Co. KG into the Freund Group, in future Freund will also be systematically focusing on quality “Made in Germany” for penetrative stunning methods and thus demonstrate how effortlessly animal welfare and the efficiency of the tools used can also be combined in stunning.

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