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Vacuums game and poultry legs

The EST 20 long is a new addition to the Vacumit (Burglengenfeld, Germany) product line. Its central extension makes the device particularly suitable for poultry legs and racks of game. Vacuum packaging machines makes food storage much more effective. They protect against spoilage, dehydration, smear, odor, taste and weight loss.

For hygiene reasons, the sealing bar was constructed for one-handed removal. The lift box was developed so that no electric cord is needed. According to the manufacturer, the machine is easy to clean and maintain, and oil changes are simple.

The easily accessible maintenance areas of the Vacumit machines make servicing them child’s play. Replacement of the wearing parts (Teflon tape, heating wire, cover seal and oil) is quick and easy. Vacumit also offers various special equipment (inclined inserts for packaging liquids; flat or domed lids). In addition, various sizes and thicknesses of sealed-edge and boil-in-bag pouches are available. The transparent lid allows the vacuum process to be observed.

A powerful pump evacuates the chamber. When the desired vacuum is achieved, the vacuum bag is sealed using impulse heat-sealing. The automatic chamber ventilation function reopens the chamber lid so that the finished package can be removed. The company’s product range extends from small table machines to double chamber machines.

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