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Vacuums for long-life freshness

Vacuum packaging is a very hygienic solution for meats and sausages. In addition, it is also the perfect method for achieving a longer shelf-life and a more attractive appearance for foods. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents vacuum chamber machines from various manufacturers.

Who doesn’t occasionally buy vacuum-packaged meats and sausages? Particularly when the meat counter lines are long, this solution saves both customers as well as store personnel valuable time. Such packaging is also advantageous when a product is not meant to be consumed for several days. Meats and sausages stored in the refrigerator open may suffer a loss of freshness and attractiveness. But this is not the case with vacuum-packaged products. Temperatures of from 2 °C to 4 °C lengthen their storage life by a great deal. Salami may keep eight months, sausage four weeks, raw beef and venison up to six weeks, cooked meat with sauce four weeks and cheese even five months.

The use of vacuum packaging machines protects foods from dirt, spoilage, drying, smearing, loss of aroma, taste or weight and thus ensures that their appearance remains appetizing for a longer period of time. Requirements on these machines vary depending on a company’s size, the amount and type of products it packages as well as the degree of automation. Smaller devices are available for artisanal companies; these may even fit on the sales counter. But even these can vacuum pack up to three bags simultaneously. To process larger numbers of bags, double-chamber machines are more suitable. These are available in various performance classes. While one chamber is being evacuated, the other is filled. Automation accelerates the packaging of large amounts. Automatic loading and discharging increase efficiency just as do a strong pumping system, sophisticated vacuum technology and temperature-controlled sealing. If very large or complicated products like hams need to be packaged, an adequate sealing length is decisive to achieve optimal results.

The right machines and accessories are available for nearly every task. In addition, manufacturers also offer individually adapted special solutions. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents vacuum chamber machines for both industrial as well as artisanal use.

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