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Vacuum increases freshness

Meats and sausages are commonly packaged under vacuum. The benefits include increased hygiene, a longer shelf life, and a better appearance and taste. This article presents current vacuum packaging machines.

Air out, taste in: Vacuum packaging for fresh meats, sausages, hams, cheeses or convenience meals is an attractive solution with many advantages. For one, it is a hygienic process that gives high-quality artisanal butcher products a longer shelf life. Even days or weeks later, products look just as appetizing and taste just as fresh as when they were bought. The vacuum protects food from contamination, spoilage, smear film, dehydration, and loss of aroma, taste and weight. In addition, vacuum-packaged foods save customers and sales personnel valuable time during peak hours.

Vacuum packaging machines in various performance ranges are available. The demands of companies vary depending on their size, the amount and type of products they package as well as how much automation they want. While smaller machines – such as countertop versions – are usually used in small businesses or branches, double-chamber machines with various performance capacities are used to process larger quantities. While one chamber is being evacuated, the other is filled. Automatic loading and unloading systems accelerate the packaging of large amounts. Strong pump systems and temperature-controlled sealing further increase efficiency. An appropriate sealing line is crucial for packaging very large or complicated products such as ham.

In general, manufacturers make sure that their machines are easy to use and clean, as the following models demonstrate.

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