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UV-C disinfection purifies the air

The Hoppe butcher shop in Hänigsen (near Hannover, Germany) has produced traditional meats and sausages using traditional methods and procedures since 1955. The company’s 35 employees manufacture up to eight tons of wares every week in a production area of 1,000 square meters and supply these to numerous retailers and companies responsible for catering establishments. Owners Albert and Silvia Hoppe place great value in processing only fresh goods of the highest quality. All animals come from the direct vicinity of the production facility. In addition, the highest quality and hygiene standards are fulfilled during manufacture as well. The company’s most recently completed production building uses UV-C air disinfection technology from Bäro (Leichlingen, Germany).

Because the existing building was too small, the Hoppes decided in 2011 to add a new hall with two production rooms. During the planning phases, they held intensive discussions about the issue of air hygiene. Albert Hoppe: “Through our good contacts to the Veterinary College in Hannover, we heard about an EU development program that the college had initiated with the Institute for Animal Hygiene,

Protection and Livestock Ethology. The goal of the program is supporting processing of animals from the immediate vicinity and promoting the high quality of regional products. We decided to take advantage of the subsidies, whereupon representatives of the foundation recommended that we install an air hygiene solution in the new production rooms.”

The Bäro air hygiene experts thus completed two UV-C disinfection modules that were designed precisely to the specifications of the evaporator cooler requested by the planner. An AirStream V with a volumetric flow rate of 1,770 m3/h as well as an AirStream V with a performance of 2,070 m3/h are in use. The systems are equipped with Bäro UV-C compact lights that reliably kill up to 99 percent of all microorganisms. The germ reduction occurs through UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which is lethal to microorganisms like bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses. A special interior coating of the quartz glass ensures that no harmful ozone or active oxygen is produced. A further feature of the UV-C lamp is its cladding with a protective Teflon film. This ensures that no glass splinters could ever enter the air current below the radiator in the event of breakage. In addition, it creates a heat cushion that is allowed by the special Bäro installation. Bäro project planner Hartmut Engler explains the disinfection concept: “In contrast to the conventional installation directly in the evaporator cooler, we were able to position the UV-C lamps after the evaporator cooler, i.e. after the air had passed these and become contaminated. This means that the air was cleaned directly before it enters the room, making it nearly microorganism-free.”

After installation of the equipment, measurements made by the Veterinary College of Hannover at the evaporator cooler and in the air underscore the effectivity of the described installation. The number of germs in the air is lastingly reduced and the quality of production and products is ensured at the highest level. Butcher Hoppe is very satisfied: “Air disinfection is effective and easy to implement. Of course, the investment did cost something, but it pays for itself quickly by ensuring high hygiene and product quality. Last but not least, the UV-C disinfection needs absolutely no chemical agents.”

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