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UV-C disinfection in meat processing

Sterilsystems (Mauterndorf, Austria) develops and produces UV-C systems for the effective disinfection of air, surfaces, and water. Harmful microorganisms don’t stand a chance – bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses are inactivated by up to 99.999 percent, according to the manufacturer.

The disinfection process is completely dry and uses no chemicals or thermal processes. It functions on a purely physical basis with UV-C light. Sterilsystems is thus a reliable partner for perfect operational and production hygiene and supports trade and industry in maintaining sustainable quality assurance in accordance with the highest hygienic standards.

The ULE 2000 circulating disinfection unit has been specially developed to disinfect rooms where people are present and where there are difficult ambient conditions or high levels of contamination. The integrated fan ensures reliable disinfection of the air flow and ambient air. The FB 200-1200 system is used for the permanent disinfection of conveyor and cutting belts as well as surfaces and films during ongoing production processes.

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