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Modern smoking and climatic ripening installations are designed for varying smoking methods and ripening processes. They guarantee meat producers an extensive assortment of smoked meats and sausages. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents technical solutions for smoking and maturing.

Many consumers are enthusiastic about the unmistakable taste of smoked meats and sausages. It is not only their special taste, however, but also the long shelf life that makes products like ham, sausage spread and wieners a sales hit at the meat counter. Although meats used to be smoked over beech wood – above all to increase their storage life – this process is now used primarily to enhance the product. Modern smoking and climate technology ensures the distinctive taste and special texture of smoked raw sausage, ham and long-life products and also enables standardized and thus economic production with high-quality standards.

Equipment of all sizes and variants is available to enable the application of many smoking methods and ripening processes. Depending on the need, butchers have a choice between cold, warm, or hot smoking, each using liquid, condensate, friction or glow smoke and either with low- or high-pressure steam. Butchers can choose between oil, steam, gas or electric heating systems.

The quality of smoked end-products depends on many factors: The smoke must be evenly distributed in the chamber and its development must always have the right intensity for the specific product. Air inflow and temperature also influence the consistency and taste of sausage.

Manufacturers coordinate their equipment to individual parameters, depending on the product. Easily operated computer controls regulate and monitor the individual processes of drying, ripening and smoking, with the goal of producing standardized, consistent quality. Microprocessors in control systems enable the simple data logging required by HACCP. Errors and error messages are displayed on screens and thus guarantee smooth production.

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