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Two-chamber ripening package

Only after it is optimally ripened does beef achieve its best, tender consistency and aroma. Modern packaging solutions can promote the maturing process of fresh meat in a targeted manner. Sealpac GmbH (Oldenburg, Germany) has developed an innovative two-chamber maturing package for beef: its practical TenderPac system.

TenderPac is a soft-film vacuum package with two chambers which ensures that the product remains dry the entire time it is stored in the package. A separate active-vacuum chamber absorbs both the juices from the meat as well as any oxygen from the edges of the product. Thanks to these outstanding ripening conditions, the meat retains its appetizing red color, according to the manufacturer.

The TenderPac package remains tight throughout storage. The second packaging chamber prevents any contact with meat juice from occurring when the package is opened. Backflow of the contaminated meat juice is likewise excluded by the system. According to the company, the consumer receives an appetizing, drip-free piece of meat with the best taste and aroma as well as tenderness.

The new, further optimized TenderPac concept is now even more economical to use: due to the vacuum system, the second chamber eliminates the need for previously used absorbent inlays. In addition, no special film composition is necessary because both standard TenderPac film solutions offered by Sealpac are suitable for a wide spectrum of products. TenderPac also impresses customers at the point-of-sale with its attractive look, according to the manufacturer. The printable ripening package can be presented horizontally, vertically or hanging.

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