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Transparent labels show what matters

Butchers’ counters contain more and more packaged products like salads, spreads or pasta. These are usually offered in transparent blister packs. With transparent thermal labels from Bizerba (Balingen, Germany), the products remain visible. The labels fit snugly and are suitable for applications in humid environments. They are dimensionally stable and tear resistant. Their biggest advantage is their transparency. Without obscuring the customer’s view, they carry all relevant information, can be preprinted in multiple colors and draw attention to the product. In addition, transparent thermal labels can be printed using the direct thermal process – at printing speeds of up to 250 millimeters per second. The advantage over classic film labels is that no separate thermal transfer ribbon is required. Thus, no additional consumables are required. This minimizes costs and sources of error. In addition, the labels can be combined with a permanent or deep-freeze adhesive and offer a variety of printing processes and finishing forms. BP-A- and BP-S-free production ensures that the labels are safe to use.

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