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Tough and hygienic

The reactive resin flooring from Silikal (Mainhausen, Germany) is fast to lay, tough, hygienic and therefore predestined for use in the meat industry. Flooring for this industry in particular must satisfy the most stringent demands: fat and blood, wet and cold, heavy point loads, transport trolleys and stainless-steel containers all punish surfaces to the extreme. Highly effective chemical cleaning agents are another everyday punishment.

The physiologically safe artificial resin coating forms a continuous surface that is perfectly sealed without any joints that can accumulate soiling. This means the flooring can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. Coving rounds out the difficult corner areas. Tough to remove grime cannot accumulate at the transitions between the walls and the floor or even the transitions to furniture or fixed furnishings.

The right anti-slip surface also plays a critical role in the meat processing industry. The MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring gives workers stable footing thanks to the scattered coloured quartz. The reactive resin flooring can be set to the highest anti-slip level R13, which is specified for wet areas in slaughterhouses.

Another advantage of the Silikal system is the speed with which it can be laid. The surface is cured and fully loadable just one hour after being laid. Many new constructions and renovations can be resurfaced overnight or over the weekend – without any restrictions for ongoing operations.

Silikal is certified in accordance with the international HACCP guidelines for the food industry. This gives meat processors the necessary reassurance that they are using a reactive resin coating that is certified for the food industry.

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