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The rotating can principle

Stiller Sealing technology (Bad Rappenau, Germany) presents its fully automatic STA 1500 can seaming machine, which was developed to close round tin, aluminum or composite cans, and is specifically oriented to the needs of smaller companies. It is based on the rotating can principle.

The mobile machine is furnished with its own transport belt and a fully automatic can and lid conveyor. It seals up to 1,500 cans per hour. The cans can have diameters of from 52 to 99 millimeters and heights of from 30 to 200 millimeters (additional formats are available upon request).

Through the use of special format parts, cans with height differences of up to 30 millimeters can be closed without adjusting the machine. This means that 200 to 400-gram cans with a diameter of 99 millimeters or 125 to 200-gram cans with a diameter of 73 millimeters can be closed with no need to adapt the machine height.

The filled cans are conveyed to the machine on a belt. Here, an indexing star wheel guides the can to the closing station. Simultaneously, a lid is removed from the stack in the magazine and placed below the closing station. The can is now lifted, the lid is grasped, and both are pressed together against the seaming chuck. Only now is the can rotated. It is reliably and hermetically sealed by rollers mounted on the lever system. Subsequently, the can is stopped and removed, and the indexing star wheel transfers the closed can to the discharge conveyor.

In the case of format changes, the seaming chuck is changed together with the pre-set seaming rollers, which eliminates the need to set them. Exchanging the seaming chuck, the lid magazine, the can conveyor and the indexing star wheel can be done without tools, for the most part.

Changing to another can height is done by manual height adjustment of the upper part of the machine. The use of quick-change format parts guarantees rapid format changes and only very short system downtime.

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