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Taste-full packing of Meat & Co.

An appetizing appearance and efficient packaging processes play a major role when packaging meats and sausages as well as convenience foods. This article provides information on many industrial packaging solutions that are presently on the market.

Today’s flexible consumer life has made doing without modern snack and take-out concepts nearly inconceivable – you eat wherever you are. When meals go traveling, however, not only are practical solutions necessary, but ones that are tasty as well, so that the high-quality dishes reach customers with the same fine flavor and aesthetic appearance they left the kitchen with. In addition to such excellent quality and visual aspects of food, consumers also expect a high degree of functionality. Shelf life and taste are just as important as hygiene. In addition, packaging must also offer advantages in handling and logistics. Reclosable packages increase the shelf life of wares and make portioning easier.

Flexibility, high speeds and absolute reliability are decisive performance features when selecting machines for industrial packaging of meats and sausages or convenience products. The packaging industry offers a wide range of innovative packaging materials, machines and technologies for different meats and sausages or convenience foods, packaged either in trays, shrink-wrapped, vacuum-packaged or in MAP packages. Thin but robust films also present foods from their most appetizing sides. They are meant to give the consumer the feeling that the items have just been freshly packaged.

Another important plus point is hygiene, which increases the shelf life of wares. This is because the product is not touched during the entire cutting or packaging process. Vacuum technology also ensures that the aroma, taste and fresh look of foods are maintained for a longer period of time.

Manufacturers place great value on the development of increasingly efficient packaging machines and the automation of packaging processes. Combining several machines or having several work processes done by only one machine saves users time and money. In addition to performance and reliability, compatibility with other machines is a further important criterion when choosing the right packaging system.

In this issue, Die Fleischerei presents modern industrial packaging systems and solutions from diverse manufacturers.

Conny Salzgeber

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