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Systematically fighting pests

Gemex Quality Pest Management QPM, which is part of the Gesa Hygiene Group (Augsburg, Germany), is an effective instrument for pest elimination and maintenance of pest-free areas, according to the company. It combines infestation analysis, the appropriate means of pest elimination, continual pest monitoring, adequate strategies for preventing infestation and detailed documentation.

For customers with especially high demands on data security, Gemex Hygiene + Vorratsschutz offers seamless security in pest elimination through the use of RFID technology. A service technician equipped with RFID technology monitors the checkpoints on location at the customer’s site: all data is exchanged between the checkpoint and the monitoring device. Following this procedure, the information is transmitted to Gemex’s central offices. This makes it completely transparent which technician was at which checkpoint and when. According to the manufacturer, this system guarantees customers absolute audit security, unfalsifiability and complete, orderly execution of inspections.

The company also provides its customers access to an interactive online portal. When an audit must prove 100 percent traceable measures against pests, all data is available at one click.

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