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Systematic protection against mold

Nothing ever remains the same. This is not only true for the high demands on hygiene and air purity in the food processing industry but also for the specially developed RF fungicidal paints, which are constantly being improved and adapted to meet new requirements as well as current regulations and laws. Thus, RF-Farben, with over 30 years experience in the research and development of agents for eliminating and preventing mold, contributes to guaranteeing the required safety of production processes and employee protection in the food industry. Normal paints developed primarily for the domestic area - even if the bucket of paint says “fungicidal paint” - usually cannot compete with professional products, and due to high exposure to molds, they usually fail within several months, according to the company. In contrast, all RF fungicidal paints contain highly durable raw materials. They are easy to use, brilliant white, high-yield and ensure good coverage. After only three different coats of paint, any situation on the walls and ceiling of a butcher shop will be covered (in white):

-RF-10 for refrigeration and work-rooms: contains no solvents, is water-based, simple to use, tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and has received outstanding ratings, brilliant white.

-RF-20 has similar properties as RF-10 but also isolates light to middle brown areas (e.g. in smoke deposits), brilliant white.

-RF-100 is used for very brown or sooty areas, contains solvents; precautionary measures must be taken during use.

-RF fungicidal paints are available from many butcher materials dealers or coops or can be obtained at short notice.

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