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Still fresh after days

Vacuum-packaging meat and sausage products is a hygienic solution and an ideal way to lengthen the shelf life and appearance of foods. This article presents current vacuum packaging models.

Vacuum-packaged meats and sausages in the refrigerated counter are no longer a rarity – even in specialty meat stores. After all, they save customers and sales personnel valuable time during peak hours. Vacuum packaging also increases the shelf life of high-quality products. Even several days – and sometimes weeks – later, the products look just as appetizing and taste just as fresh as when they were bought.

Vacuum packaging is now standard practice in the food industry. In addition to a prolonged shelf life and appetizing appearance, vacuum packaging protects food from contamination, spoilage, drying out, greasy surfaces as well as the loss of aroma, taste and weight.

Company requirements for packaging machines vary depending on the size of the enterprise, the amount and type of products it packages as well as its degree of automation. Small-scale companies or branch outlets usually prefer smaller devices that can fit on the sales counter.

In contrast, double chamber machines in various performance classes are more suitable for processing larger quantities of products. While one chamber is being evacuated, the other is filled. Automatic loading and unloading systems accelerate the packaging of large amounts. In addition, strong pump systems as well as temperature-controlled sealing increase efficiency. When packaging large pieces of meat such as ham, or meats with irregular shapes, an appropriate sealing length is crucial for optimal results.

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