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Stainless steel dispenser system

Dispenser systems for one-way clothing such as head coverings, gloves, shoe coverings and one-way coats are often a random assortment of stainless steel housings, plastic containers and paper cartons of different sizes and styles, which are problematic both from a safety as well as a hygiene point of view.

The Friedrich Sailer GmbH company (Neu-Ulm, Germany) has now developed a dispenser system for many one-way items that is both attractive and fulfills high hygiene demands.

In addition to their hygienic construction, the high-quality and robustly designed dispensers offer a secure storage system for the various one-way articles. Thanks to their uniform appearance, they can also make the entrance look much better to visitors.

Dispensers are available for many types of one-way articles: one-way coats (bulk, small packages), one-way coats (flat individual packages up to 330 x 350 mm), ear protection (bulk), shoe protectors (bulk), gloves (sorted in compartments according to size, bulk), head coverings (bulk) and beard coverings (bulk).

All dispensers are made of 1.4301 stainless steel and have an internal mechanism that prevents the removal of too many items at once.

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