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Spice mixtures for organic meat products

Particularly for meat and sausage goods, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the origin and processing of the raw materials. Products of organic origin, carrying the seal of approved organic certifying organisations, guarantee parameters such as the use of natural ingredients, no genetic modification, species-appropriate animal husbandry and much more. From bratwurst to mettwurst to mildly spicy ham specialties – and all organic: Consumers who prefer organic produce are happily tempted by a diverse range of meat goods. The results of coordinated spice mixtures and functional ingredients ensure optimum enjoyment.

The Gewürzmühle Nesse brand from Frutarom Savory Solutions (Salzburg, Austria) offers an extensive range of products for organic sausages and hams from maturation agents for country-style hams to spice mixtures for sliced goods to the right cutter processing aid. Along with gourmet aromatic spice blends and reliable organic-compliant additives, there is also a selection of herbs and raw spices of organic quality.

An addition to the range is Bio Tex Pure, a preparation for the production of boiling sausages. The mild aromatic mixture replaces citrate and phosphate with natural ingredients. It has good water binding properties, ensuring a stable structure and a firm bite. The new organic product does not contain any E numbers. Bio Tex Pure is a natural cutter processing aid that is suitable for both organic products and conventional sausage goods.

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