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Special cutting geometry

Although only a few preset knife shaft speeds and two fixed bowl speeds were sufficient a few years ago, new recipes and processes require much more of machines.

Practice-oriented research and development work and experience characterize the bowl cutter technology of Laska (Traun, Austria). All production parameters (bowl speed, knife shaft speed) can be individually adjusted. A specially mounted knife shaft and a bowl with high concentricity enable minimal distances between the knife and bowl or knife hood, for a 360-degree cutting action. The integrated control cabinet with electrical drive technology makes all machines a benchmark for space and energy efficiency.

The action of the cutter has been continuously improved in recent years; its speed, blade shape and cutting chamber have been optimized as well. This particular affects the stability of the emulsion, the cleaning of the machine, and the maintenance of the blade set. With its special cutting geometry and high cutting speeds, the Laska bowl cutter makes a smooth, cohesive product in rapid order.

When combined with other machines, the cutter is suitable for large and small processing quantities. It processes fresh and pre-cut frozen meat and also produces rind emulsions.

Laska bowl cutters are made of solid, stainless materials, meet strict hygiene requirements and are easy to clean.

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