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Software as success factor

The Belgian meat processing company Veviba has been enjoying strong growth over the last few years. This was the reason for the company to look for a new, industry-specific ERP solution which would allow for comprehensive automation and optimization of all processes. Veviba eventually decided to purchase the industry-specific business IT solution by CSB-System.

The company Veviba, which belongs to the Belgian Verbist group, is well-known throughout Belgium for its top-quality products. The meat processor generates a yearly turnover of ca. 150 million euro. 300 employees produce over 30,000 self-service packs of beef each day at two plants. The Verbist group offers all under one roof: breeding and slaughtering of animals as well as cutting and packaging of the meat. The game processor Giber d’Ardenne as well as the poultry processor Pouler d’Ardenne are also part of the group.

When looking for a new ERP solution, Veviba was pursuing two goals: the software should serve as corporate management tool and be exactly tailored to the logistics chain of meat processing companies. Furthermore, the management of Veviba wanted to integrate all production steps and connect all plants belonging to the group.

After close examination and visits to several reference companies, Veviba opted for the CSB-System. The business IT solution offered by this industry specialist is exactly tailored to the requirements of the meat processing industry. “Across the globe, many successful meat companies choose the CSB-System. This was, of course, one of the crucial factors influencing our decision,” explains operations manager Vincent Duponselle.

Turnkey solution in use

The software was first implemented in the sales area, followed by livestock management, procurement, traceability, quality management, inventory, cutting, production, financial accounting, time management and picking. The turnkey solution went live within a very short time: “The implementation went very well and the support by CSB-System is really remarkable,” says Vincent Duponselle.

At the beginning of 2010, the picking section was extended by an automatic crate system. This increased picking performance by a factor of three with the same number of staff. Furthermore, picking times were reduced considerably. “Our investment, particularly in the area of picking, paid off in next to no time,” remembers Vincent Duponselle with satisfaction.

With support by the CSB-System, which is running on 95 workstations, Veviba optimized all procedures and processes: from its own cattle breeding business with ca. 8,000 animals on 16 farms to slaughtering, production, packaging, inventory, dispatch, management and administration.

“The CSB-System assists us in making our work more efficient. The increased level of automation as well as fast access to up-to-date operating data and the possibility to analyze production processes online enabled us to reduce costs considerably,“ explains the operations manager. The two affiliated companies, Giber d’Ardenne and Pouler d’Ardenne, are also connected to the CSB-System so that the entire company group is working with one central business IT solution.

Efficient production planning

Meat processing companies are facing complex challenges on a daily basis, particularly in the production area. Production processes have to be transparent and efficient at all times. Veviba therefore implemented a powerful production planning solution which ensures fast, secure and needs-based production processes. Today, all key production figures can be retrieved quickly and in detail from a control centre. The company always has an overview of the quantities to be produced, the throughput times of orders and the current capacity utilization of systems and machines. This makes it possible to improve processes continuously and, as a result, to ensure competitiveness.

Multiple benefits

One of the most important benefits offered by the CSB-System is complete traceability of all Veviba products, from live animal in the field to portioned meat on self-service shelves in retail shops. Veviba can fully trace the flow of goods for any product – from producer across the different production and processing stages up to final consumer. Economic capturing of the data is only possible as a result of complete integration of all processes of materials management and enterprise resource planning. The traceability benefits provided by the integrated turnkey ERP solution are clear-cut. For example, risks can be localized exactly due to the possibility to track which batches went to which customers. Furthermore, the system offers transparent batch management for improved process and product safety as well as integrated mapping of the entire product management from goods receiving to inventory, production, packaging, picking and goods dispatch.

As regards hardware periphery, the number of sub-system could be reduced by utilizing the integrated Control and Configuration Manager (CCM) in all areas of the project. As a result, the Belgian meat specialist was able to reduce the costs for administration and supervision. All authorized ERP workstations have access to detailed production and inventory data at any time. This enables easy and direct cross-area system communication. Another benefit is the combination of labelling and picking in a single work step which allows for efficient processing of orders.

“We are planning to further increase the level of automation within our company with the help of information technology. In doing so, we will continue to rely on the support of our IT partner CSB-System,” explains operations manager Vincent Duponselle.

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