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Small, compact and fast

The Sprinter from Komet (Plochingen, Germany) is available for two film widths, 322 and 422 millimeters, and variable cutoff lengths ranging from 200 to 300 millimeters. This lets users create larger packages and react quickly and variably to different requirements.

According to the manufacturer, the Sprinter is smaller and more compact than well-known thermoformers but does not sacrifice ease of operation. With its 2.7-meter length, it also fits into small rooms and has a long inlay area despite its small external dimensions. This makes it easy to work efficiently – even with several people simultaneously. Thanks to the vario tools, the machine can be flexibly used for a number of products. Fast format and film changes are no problem. The Sprinter is up to five times faster than a chamber machine.

The packaging machine does not only feature speed, however. Its special hydraulic lifting system and minimal consumption of compressed air make the thermoformer not only economical to purchase, but also to operate. The system enables not only high-contact pressure, but also low-maintenance form and sealing stations as well as cross-cutting. It uses clear, odorless, tasteless and food-safe hydraulic oil that meets FDA and USDA regulations. Because the machines are delivered ready-to-go, production can be started after only a short warm-up time.

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