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Skin- friendly and ecological

Igefa (Ahrensfelde, Germany) has launched a new, sustainable nitrile glove under the Clean and Clever brand.

The disposable Green-Pro 168 protective glove is suitable for numerous applications thanks to its high tactile sensitivity. According to the company, it reliably protects against liquids and germ transmission. This make it particularly suitable for meat processing companies.

Nitrile gloves offers splash protection against liquids. They are oil-, grease-, and tear-resistant, fit well, and ensure a good grip due to their textured fingertips. Their inner coating is a polymer that facilitates putting on and taking off.

Users of the Green-Pro 168 have a significantly lower risk of allergic reactions or skin irritation. Dispensing with vulcanization accelerators during production significantly reduces the risk of delayed type IV hypersensitivity.

Thanks to a new production process, the new disposable protective glove from Clean and Clever Professional requires ten percent less water and 15 percent less carbon dioxide. The glove box is also made of 80 percent recycled paper.

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