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Simple cleaning control

DIN 10516 regulates the verification of cleaning and disinfection effectiveness. This standard, together with the legal specification EG ordinance 852/2004, gives companies - who are wholly responsible for cleaning and disinfection - the instructions they need.

Clean Card PRO, made by amfora health care GmbH (Freystadt, Germany) combines a hygiene test of the newest generation with the company’s know-how in chemistry, materials science and printing technology in order to verify cleaning results within seconds.

This test detects proteins on surfaces in amounts as low as circa 50 micrograms, making dirt visible that can otherwise not be seen. The test surface is dampened with water and the test card subsequently wiped over it. After 30 seconds, if the test surface remains an unchanged yellow and shows no color change in comparison to the card, the surface is clean.

The comparison with the previously most well known method, ATP bioluminescence, was carried out by TransMIT - the project area for food quality and safety at the Institute for Veterinary Food Science at the University of Giessen - by Prof. Dr. M. Bülte. According to his expert opinion, the Clean Card PRO test proved very suitable for verifying correct cleaning.

This test gives food companies greater certainty and helps optimize the quality of cleaning measures. In the framework of companies’ responsibility to carry out independent controls, it is suitable for spot checks and ideal for incorporating into the HACCP concept.

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