Short filling path, high performance

The SIA-Evolution-Senior features a diametrical vane feeder. Walter Hermes - © Walter Hermes

In Barcelona,Spain, SIA manufactures an extensive range of meat processing machines. Walter Hermes (Weiterstadt-Gräfenhausen, Germany) provides support for the company’s national and international sales. One of SIA’s main focuses is its vacuum fillers, which it makes in different sizes and designs for small, medium, and industrial companies.

The large SIA-EMB-6002D and SIA-Evolution-Senior automatic vacuum fillers have an hourly capacity of 6,300 kilograms and a hopper capacity of 270 liters. The EMB is an oil-hydraulic version, while the Evolution features an electric servo drive.

As early as 1982, SIA engineers developed a diametrical vane conveyor in cooperation with meat products manufacturers. This ensures gentle operation – an advantage over conveyors with eccentric system and radial blades.

The vacuum fillers also have an extremely short filling path and comply with current safety and hygiene standards. A protective filter protects the system from contamination in the event of operating errors. Assembly, disassembly, and cleaning are simple and quick, according to the manufacturer.

The knee lever of each filler is individually adjustable, for perfect work ergonomics.