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Sharp & fast is best

Whether needed to cube large quantities of fresh bacon, chop frozen meat blocks, or finely grate vegetables and fruit – cutting machines in the meat and food processing industries must be all-rounders Capacity and flexibility are key.

The advantages of modern portioning, guillotine, or multi-purpose dicers don’t simply include capacities of up to several thousand tons per hour or hundreds of cuts per minute. Such machines must also cut boneless and bone-in meat, raw pork cutlets, ripened salami, and cooked ham into sales-ready slices with down-to-the-millimeter precision. Portioning accuracy is also an economic argument. Less waste or unusable material means more earnings.

Other important aspects are blade quality, ease of loading – via tilting devices, for one – and electronic controls, plus the capability to be integrated into existing production lines, for example with upstream or downstream derinding or packaging modules.

When investing in a new cutter, the size of the filling chamber is always crucial as it must be adapted to the amount of fresh or frozen raw materials processed. Other important purchasing criteria are ease of maintenance, simple changeover of cutting tools, and easy cleaning due to a hygiene-oriented machine design with stainless steel surfaces.

This Die Fleischerei article presents various cutting machines and frozen meat cutters, additionally highlighting performance features that meet the high requirements of industrial companies.

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