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Seeking natural ingredients

Allergenic substances such as mustard and celery, as well as additives like glutamate and lactose that must be declared, are a thing of the past in many spice mixtures and marinades. Spice manufacturers are increasingly relying on natural ingredients. This article provides information on many new product ideas in the spice sector.

Humans have seasoned their food with herbs and spices from time immemorial. Herbs and spices bring out and improve the taste of foods – or even change them. While the use of additives, artificial colors and preservatives was highly regarded in the past, the current trend is definitely to more naturalness. More than ever, consumers are turning to foods produced without additives. But there are all kinds. In the meantime, only expressly approved additives can be used in Europe. This isn’t enough for many spice manufacturers, however, who now do without any additives at all or have developed alternatives to them.

Today’s customers increasingly demand meats and sausages with unmistakable aromas and special flavors. Spice manufacturers are creating products that fulfill these sophisticated requirements and offer meat processing companies an almost unlimited variety of new spice ideas and ready-made spice mixtures that allow them to give regional as well as foreign specialties the perfect taste and an attractive visual appeal as well.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents new spice ideas from diverse spice manufacturers.

Conny Salzgeber

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