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Sausage paper now eco-friendlier

In times of pandemic, hygiene is a top packaging priority. In view of climate change, however, sustainable materials and recyclability are also increasingly important, in addition to the protective functions they provide consumers and manufacturers. Freshness films, special papers or to-go packs in the meat and sausage sector are becoming “eco-friendlier”.

Proper packaging for countertop goods, deli items and lunch menus from butcher stores is important for meeting consumer and health and safety guidelines. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution – because the bandwidth required in everyday use is enormous. For example: coated wrapping film protects cold cuts from environmental influences in the short term; aluminum trays protect the temperature of hot goulash on the way home; film A protects vacuumed cuts during maturing; film B protects the shelf life of steaks packaged in a modified atmosphere; film C protects roasts during sous vide cooking, and so on.

For the production, transport and convenience sectors, there are now many innovative packaging materials that can be used several times or are made from biodegradable, plant-based raw materials instead of plastic and metal. Compostable cellulose trays, reusable trays and skin films made of mono-materials and thus easily recyclable, meet the desires of environmentally conscious consumers, are promotionally effective and save resources. All components must be food-safe and comply with current hygiene guidelines. The extent to which special packaging hardware (vacuumizers, sealing machines, gas flushing machines) is used in a company’s operations must be decided on the basis of individual business priorities. Attention should be paid to the smallest possible space requirements, economical material consumption and ease of cleaning.

Die Fleischerei presents modern packaging solutions that can be helpful when used by meat processing companies.

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