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Safe meat transport

HDPE pallet boxes made by Dolav (Nützen, Germany) are a hygienically superior transport solution for all phases of meat logistics, according to the company. With a low Melt Flow Index (MFI), HDPE von Dolav guarantees high impact resistance and stability in low temperatures of down to –40 °C. In addition, it is resistant to UV rays, acids and alkaline agents.

The boxes are available in seven standard colors, although two-colored variants as well as individual colors are also possible.

In addition, hot-process embossing or embossing printing as well as the use of RFID transponders for locating and storing individual customer data are available.

Dolav boxes are easy to clean and certified for food transport both according to European and American standards as well as for the transport of hazardous goods. Thanks to their special material properties, a box’s service life can extend to 20 years. The manufacturer provides ten years’ guarantee on all products. Small damages can be repaired by the company’s on-site repair service. The box material can be easily recycled as well.

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