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Remote maintenance service

When cutting or grinding foods, speed and precision as well as hygiene and a perfect ambient temperature are crucial. Longer system down-time can rapidly lead to total product loss. Operational reliability and fast service are essential. This is why leading companies such as Treif Maschinenbau GmbH use remote maintenance systems.

More and more, consumers find foods on supermarket shelves that reduce the amount of preparation time and effort they need: Pizza cheese is grated, turkey strips are cut and ready to use and sliced meats are appetizingly wrapped in plastic packaging. But it can be troublesome for manufacturers to produce the convenience products that make the end-consumer's life easie

Cutting high-quality foods is a particular challenge. After all, it is not only hygiene that takes top priority. Appearance also plays a big role – who wants to buy sumptuous Serrano ham that looks ragged and torn? Edges must be smooth and the product must be constantly cooled and immediately packaged so that its quality doesn't suffer. Machines and systems for cutting and packaging foods are thus complex and must be robust. They must withstand chemical cleaning as well as constant cold and moisture. The highest quality and competent engineering are required to fulfill these requirements, which is why only a few companies in the world have devoted themselves to this task. Treif (Oberlahr, Germany) is one of them.

Rapid help required

Whether cubes, strips or slices of meat, sausage, cheese or bread are needed, whether they must be precisely portioned or evenly sliced, Treif has mastered all cutting techniques and supports its customers not only with suitable systems but also with the necessary process know-how.

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