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Recyclable tubular bag

With the recyclable mono PP tubular bag MonoFlow(re) PXC, Schur Flexibles (Wiener Neudorf, Austria) presents a sustainable packaging concept for minced meat in tubular bags as an alternative to sealed plastic trays. The innovative and attractive ground meat packaging is significantly lighter and takes up less disposal space.

MonoFlow(re) is a transparent, fully recyclable high barrier film made of Mono-PP. In accordance with German minimum standards, an external institute has certified its recyclability at 95 percent, or “excellent”. In addition to its recyclability, the tubular bag scores with further advantages. Compared to conventional tray packaging, it uses around 60 percent less plastic; the roll goods also require considerably less storage and transport volume.

Due to the high oxygen and water vapor barrier, the film is suitable for fresh, demanding food products such as ground meat. It can be reliably used with existing systems because the specially developed sealing layer quickly seals at low temperatures and, with a temperature range of more than 30 °C, it has a large sealing window that offers a high degree of security even during start-stop operation.

The only requirements for creating packages are a film component and a standard tubular bag line – without any additional components. This reduces investment costs and decreases the need for production space.

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