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Recyclable cardboard trays for MAP food packaging

As the licence holder for Germany and Poland, Schumacher Packaging (Ebersdorf bei Coburg, Germany) is bringing the environmentally friendly Halopack hybrid packaging for food onto the market over the course of the year. The Halopack innovation replaces the plastic trays that are commonly used, for example, in the meat sector with stable cardboard cartons that are coated on the inside with a fully hygienic, thin, gas-tight plastic film. Halopack reduces the use of plastic by 70 to 90 percent, including for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). At home the end customer can very easily separate the hybrid packaging, which is effective both in terms of its impact on the environment and its market appeal. The thin film is placed in the plastics recycling bin while the cardboard carton can be 100 percent recycled and is placed in the paper recycling bin.

Schumacher Packaging is the first licence holder for Halopack production in continental Europe. The start of production in Germany is planned for the fourth quarter of 2019. “We consider Halopack to be an opportunity to deal with an urgent environmental issue using a solution that is as innovative as it is pragmatic,” said Hendrik Schumacher, the member of management responsible for the introduction of Halopack. Halopack reduces the use of plastic for perishable foods to the absolute minimum necessary without negatively affecting the hygiene or the shelf life. Quite the opposite: Halopack actually protects food better against environmental influences and creates a more reliable barrier against fat and moisture than conventional trays made of PP-PE or PET. As the first fully gas-tight MAP packaging made predominantly out of cardboard, Halopack ensures not only a good shelf life for food but the hybrid packaging can also be heated in the microwave or oven without any problems. Food can also be frozen directly in the packaging without any concerns. The ability to reseal the packaging is also an option.

“Halopack not only has functional benefits but the marketing impact of such environmentally friendly packaging is enormous,” said Schumacher. “Many consumers are now aware of the impacts of plastic packaging. We can also print the cardboard tray in any way, even on the inside. The thin transparent film prevents any contact with the food the packaging will contain. The instructions that show how easily the hybrid packaging can be separated and disposed of are also printed straight onto the tray.”

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