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Rapid pest response

Rentokil (Cologne, Germany) offers myRentokil, a digital customer portal for pest management. It is available at all hours, including via smartphone and tablet app. Users have round-the-clock access to potential spatial problem areas, data on current and historical infestation situations, maintenance and inspection information, and much more.

To repel flying insects, the company offers Lumnia, a poison-free adhesive film technology that attracts flying insects using UV LED light and encapsulates them noiselessly and odorlessly. The long-range UV LED lamps emit light in the exact spectrum perceived by flies. According to the manufacturer, Lumnia thus achieves the best catch quotas while keeping operating costs low. The company’s product range currently comprises four flying insect traps: Lumnia Slim, Lumnia Compact (also as Color), Lumnia Standard and Lumnia Ultimate. The flying insect traps meet all current requirements: 1. AIB confirmation, 2. HACCP conformity, 3. Food hygiene suitability.

High-tech mouse control is enabled by mouse RADAR (Rodent-activated Detection and Riddance), an electronic detector with simultaneous, integrated control functionality using CO2 that protects applications with high safety standards. This particularly benefits sensitive areas in the food industry where the use of classic rodenticidal baits is increasingly undesirable. According to the manufacturer, the patent-protected system is the only approved CO2 biocide product worldwide that is used to control mice. AutoGate can be used for the covert and secure design of monitoring or bait material in indoor and outdoor applications. AutoGate has a locked bait box. The gate to the bait compartment only opens if the light barrier is triggered several times within a defined period. The bait trays are therefore not permanently accessible to non-target animals or unauthorized persons.

The PestConnect system solution is a unique complete solution that prevents the migration of harmful rodents into sensitive production areas, according to the manufacturer. The PestConnect automatic reporting service combines round-the-clock monitoring with real-time reporting and direct response. As soon as a rodent enters a trap and is killed in a manner in keeping with animal welfare requirements, the system automatically sets off an alarm and the Rentokil service technician is contacted.

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