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Quality without compromise

The Landmetzgerei Fauser und Gölz in the Swabian town of Zell under Aichelberg is a small-scale family business with a long tradition. Benny and Sabrina Gölz are the fourth generation of the family to manage the company – founded in 1938 – with love and passion. They’re right on course for expansion.

The meat and sausage products, which are almost exclusively made by the company itself in its own production facility, are sold in the company’s main business as well as in four other branches. In addition, the family business supplies various butcher shops in the region with its house specialties. “We regularly receive inquiries as to whether we would like to take over other businesses or use their salesrooms as additional branches,” says Benny Gölz. This circumstance makes him happy on the one hand – but also sad on the other, “because these are all traditional companies like us that either have no successor or can no longer maintain their operations due to the constantly rising number of regulations.”

The Landmetzgerei complements its services with a hot lunch counter as well as catering. It is also planning an online store for salami, canned food and convenience products.

Local instead of regional

Around 95 percent of the sausage and meat products that Benny Gölz sells are from his own facility. His production team consists of two other master butchers and three skilled workers. Every week, 2.5 tons of pork and almost one ton of beef are processed into over one hundred different types of raw, boiled and cooked sausage. He relies on traditional recipes and above all, exclusively on meat from his own slaughterhouses. “We don’t rely on regional products – we are completely local! All animals come from farmers who live within a maximum radius of three kilometers away from our farm,” he explains. He also gives interested and critical customers tips for their next Sunday walks. “They can see the pastures and watch the farmers raising the meat that will soon land on their plates.” Not only does Gölz make no compromises in quality, but this also applies to his machinery.

Quality machines for quality products

“Of all times,” Sabrina Gölz remembers with a laugh, “our bowl cutter gave up the ghost on Friday the thirteenth!” “That’s of course absolutely no laughing matter because we use our cutter every day. But production continued the following Tuesday with a free loaner device from Seydelmann.”

This kept the company’s production losses at a minimum and allowed the Gölzes to calmly plan the acquisition of their next cutter. After considering their future, the couple decided to increase their bowl capacity from the original 90 liters to 120 liters. A K 120 AC-8 high-performance bowl cutter is now doing its job in the sausage kitchen. “It was clear from the beginning that we would purchase another Seydelmann machine, because their quality and service are perfect – and the power reserves are also important for us. Whether we’re talking about personnel or machines, it’s never good to be constantly working at the limit.”

Like all Seydelmann machines, the high-performance K 120 AC-8 cutter has a closed machine stand made of solid stainless steel with sloping, easy-to-clean surfaces. The S 24 knife system shortens setup times enormously and eliminates time-consuming balancing. The frequency-controlled drive saves a great deal of energy due to the absence of current peaks and keeps the set speed constant. Six freely adjustable cutting speeds and two mixing gears enable the production of all raw, boiling and cooking sausages with very high or very low protein breakdown at low temperature increase.

Mix well, cut cleanly

To meet its own quality standards, the Landmetzgerei Fauser und Gölz has also decided to purchase a new mixer-grinder. After thirty years, the existing equipment was showing the first signs of wear. “It simply no longer ran one hundred percent cleanly and we were faced with the choice of either having the grinder overhauled or changing to the latest technology – I didn’t have to think twice about that,” recalls Benny Gölz.

The two-speed Seydelmann ME 130 mixer grinder ensures a clean cut at high hourly outputs, regardless of the consistency or temperature of the initial material. The working screw has a quick-reverse gear that can repeatedly feed the mixed material to the mixing unit for even blending. The powerful mixing arms or optional paddles work either as feeders in grinding mode or with interval automatic forward and reverse running as flow units in mixing mode. “I use it to season my lean meat for pork sausage, leberkaese, jagdwurst etc. before I grind it, and then I let it rest so that the seasonings can be absorbed. I also make raw sausage mixtures with it. This makes my processes not only flexible but also efficient,” says Benny Gölz.

With the new ME 130 mixer grinder, the Landmetzgerei Fauser und Gölz ordered a new separator “to get the one last percent out. Despite all the care taken when cutting and trimming, there may still be minimal bits of cartilage and tendon or even small bone splinters.” However, this is precisely what doesn’t fit our understanding of quality. The separator effortlessly and reliably sorts this material out.

Positive feedback from all sides

Because they make a conscious decision to purchase from the village butcher they trust, young families are among the Landmetzgerei Fauser und Gölz’s many customers. Apart from the high quality, they also appreciate the seasonally changing specialties, from unicorn sausage for kids on their first day of school to “gingerbread salami” in the Christmas season. The relationship with customers and their consistently positive feedback are particularly important to Benny and Sabrina Gölz, and the numerous national and international awards the company has received, such as the nomination as World Sausage Champion in the boiled sausage category at IFFA 2019, make the couple proud. “This shows us that we are on the right track and gives us the desire and motivation to continue,” says Benny Gölz. His wife adds, “You only do well what you like to do!”

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