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Quality beef from Spain

The R&S Group (Essen, Germany) has now added Iberico Beef from the company Vacum to its product range. The delicatessen expert is further expanding its Spanish product segment with the quality beef from Northern Spain. Special feeding methods and curing processes make Iberico Beef an innovation on the German market, and the products have already earned great popularity with top-class restaurants.

The company Vacum has its headquarters in Leon, Spain, and specialises in the production of high-quality meats. The producer has invested a great deal of energy in the development of Iberico Beef: “We set out to develop a unique product, and we are proud that we’ve succeeded,” said Jose Rosell, owner of Vacum. What makes this product so unique: the meat comes from relatively mature cows, between eight and twelve years of age, and therefore has a high percentage of fat. Prior to slaughtering, they are fed a special grain-molasses feed mix for three months. This feeding method increases “marbling” within the meat and gives it a strong, nutty flavour. The meat is hand-processed in the company’s own curing rooms. The result: exceptionally tender meat with an intense aroma.

The R&S Group presented the product to top-class restaurants even before its market introduction: “To date, we have received consistently positive reactions to Iberico Beef. Several award-winning chefs in Germany are already using this beef on a regular basis and are highly impressed with its quality and flavour,” said Ingmar Rauch, co-owner and Prokurist (authorised signatory) of the company.

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