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Pros value sharp knives

Meat can only be effectively handled with professional knives. And these must always be perfectly sharpened. This article discusses the most important facets of professional tools and knife grinders.

Dull knives aren’t good for anything in meat-processing companies. For one thing, they slow down the workflow immensely; for another, they increase the danger of injuries. Fast, safe and precise handling of professional blades is decisive. In addition to sharpness, an ergonomic handle plays an important role. The shape and form of the grip guarantee that butchers can work more easily and without fatigue. Distinct recesses for the fingers ensure precise handling and a high degree of safety. Knives should always be light and not slippery when held. Various handle colors also make it easier to see which knife is which, and also help prevent injuries due to inattention.

For reasons of hygiene, however, only knives and tools with synthetic handles are allowed in meat processing. But it must be noted that handles made of soft synthetic material can wear down, in the course of which, fine particles can get into foods. When purchasing cutting equipment, it is important to pay attention to the material qualities of the synthetic material used. The material should neither be porous nor liable to cracking during sterilization or work in refrigeration rooms, because this enables bacteria to settle and multiply. Antibacterial synthetics are the best choice. High-quality steel is also an important aspect when purchasing, because it guarantees great durability when deboning and carving meat. In addition, it can be easily reground over a long period time. During grinding, as little material as possible should be abraded and the knife’s geometry must not be changed.

Professional grinding machines accomplish these tasks with abrasive particles that carefully work the blade and take off only very little material. Dry-, wet-grinding and combined systems are available on the market. Wet-grinding is especially good at protecting knives from annealing and increasing their life. Innovative grinding disks also prevent blades from overheating and ensure extremely sharp cutting. The use of whetstones also has advantages: they spin relatively slowly, which increases work safety and also gives them a long life. Modern vacuum equipment enables compliance with hygiene requirements by reducing the fine dust created during grinding.

Grinding machines are usually quite compact so that they can be used directly at the workplace. In order not to interrupt the production process unnecessarily, these machines are easy to operate and grind knives very quickly.

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