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Meat and sausage products produced on an industrial scale often have long transport routes to the consumer. Its packaging must therefore meet the highest durability and hygiene standards. Professional machine technology helps at all points – from filling and stabilization to sealing and closure.

Packaging technology is an extremely complex field – just as diverse as the range of meat products. Dosing and bulk material systems fill, for example, plastic cups with meat salad, jars with goulash or tins with sausage meat. Subsequently, these can be automatically sealed by sealing machines (including lid feed).

Thermoformers produce varied sizes of film packaging for sensitive foods; vacuum devices or flow pack machines protect such products from bacteria and spoilage with sealed, airtight wrappings. If necessary, bratwurst, boiled sausage, and similar products can also be packed under pressure or in a protective gas atmosphere to improve their shelf life and maintain their original quality.

When investing in such equipment, companies should consider how easily these packaging systems can be integrated into their existing production lines. User-friendly processes are very important – from fast film or format changeovers, compatibility with pouches, cans and cups from different manufacturers, intuitive touchscreen controls all the way to hygienic and easy cleaning after batch changes or the end of shifts.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a number of packaging machines that can help industrial meat processing companies further optimize their production processes.

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