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Produce cooked cured meats as sustainably as possible

Cooked hams, Kassler steaks, smoked pork or ham hocks are classics of traditional cuisine. When meat and sausages appear on plates these days, quality and ingredients are given much higher priority. With the new generation of sprays for industry and artisans, Raps (Kulmbach, Germany) has dedicated itself to creating the cleanest, most sustainable and most functionally impressive concepts possible. Along with products for organic cooked hams, the company has also developed its own spray for industrial use that is approved by the Association for GMO-Free Food (VLOG).

The staged cleanness combination preparations enable a broad range of different declaration options. With the modular system developed by Raps, finely coordinated sprays as well as brines and decorative spicing can also be flexibly combined depending on the application and taste preferences.

The compositions from the two RA-LAK spray and LAK-TOP spice mix ranges provide culinary accents with interesting flavours such as BBQ, butter, coffee, Mediterranean, asparagus, umami, juniper or brine.

The LAK-TOP spice mixes can be sprinkled directly into the pickling brine. The special feature is that, thanks to the separate dosage of spray and spice, the flavour intensity can be individually adjusted. By using the remaining pickling brine, particularly cost-effective small-scale production of cooked ham specialties is also possible. The decorative spice mixes then provide the perfect appearance and the last kick of flavour. Along with various traditional flavours with local or Mediterranean herbs, Bacon, Rodeo, Colorado, Marengo or Samba not only provide colour but also bring exotic flavours to the delicatessen while lemon or orange pepper and GTK-Spargel are synonymous with finesse.

Along with a well-rounded flavour and appealing appearance, however, the perfect degree of juiciness is always paramount. The pH range is very important here because it is critical for the water-holding capacity, the ability to pickle the product, the stability of the slices and particularly the shelf life of cooked pickled goods. Raps has paid particular attention to optimal functionality in the development of the new liquid and granular sprays.

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