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Prio 1 – Cleanliness

Stringent hygiene requirements apply when handling perishable foodstuffs such as fresh meats and sausages. These requirements are comprised of many statutory regulations plus the obligation to carry out internal controls. Consumer protection is of utmost priority.

The high hygiene standards that food companies must meet require regular – usually daily – and sometimes even permanent cleaning of all areas, rooms, machines, plants, equipment, operating resources and other objects that sensitive raw materials or end products encounter. Just as high demands for absolute cleanliness apply to sales and production personnel.

The goal of such measures is to efficiently achieve the best possible cleaning results. Deciding on the best technical equipment, cleaning systems or aids for this purpose depends on the type, degree and location of soiling as well as the object to be cleaned and the immediate operational environment.

Finally, the economic efficiency of the cleaning process plays an important role. Resources must be carefully handled, energy consumption minimized, and the least amount of personnel and time used as possible.

The IFFA showed that hygiene is increasingly important in all meat production processes. Mechanical engineers, for example, are placing more and more emphasis on the hygienic design of technical systems. Today, machines developed according to Hygienic Design principles are the state of the art and a prerequisite for cleanliness, hygiene and food safety. Hygienic Design gives food residue, dirt and microbial germs fewer surfaces to adhere to, thus saving time, water and energy during cleaning as well as cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Die Fleischerei presents technical equipment and cleaning systems from various suppliers that meet the high standards of industrial hygiene.

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