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Precision-produced portions

Fillers, portioners and automated clippers must be flexible, fast and able to produce precisely weighed products. This is the only way to guarantee smooth production. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a number of powerful helpers.

Automated filling machines are used to manufacture fresh, raw and boiled sausage as well as to fill soups, sauces or filled products and portion deli salads. Attachments like holding devices, casing spoolers, portioning and dosing devices, tying machines as well as automated clippers are used to configure fillers to meet the customer’s specific requirements. All of these devices must be compatible with each other as well as fast and effortless to retool. “Time is money” – this is just as true here, especially when many different batches must be produced.

One particular advantage of modern filling systems is that they can produce portioned wares completely automatically. They can also portion sliced meats such as boiling sausage or cooked salami down to the gram and then clip them. This enables easy, efficient production of various types of sausage – even in small batches. Special equipment guarantees constant input of the sausage emulsion with a stable vacuum and very precise portions.

When selecting an automated filler, precise portioning of all types of emulsions is decisive as is the machine speed during portioning and linking. But gentle handling of the material to be filled – regardless of its consistency and processing temperature – is also essential. Stainless, hardened vane cell pump systems, for example, guarantee such careful introduction of the emulsion. Filler drives usually use reliable servo technology. While one-armed hydraulic hoists ease loading, hinged funnels simplify pushing in residual amounts of material as well as cleaning. Smooth surfaces ensure that contaminants cannot permanently settle. Slopes should be chosen so that liquids can run off rapidly and smoothly. In addition to compatibility with attachments made by different manufacturers, easy operation, well laid-out controls as well as an adequate amount of program memory are decisive when selecting a filler.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents powerful machines for filling, portioning, and clipping.

Conny Salzgeber

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