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Precision for thick and thin

Whether it’s carcass splitting, production or sale, high-quality slicers – from bone saws to multi-purpose portioners and slicers – are a must in meat processing companies. In addition to the greatest possible versatility, operating safety is the top requirement for products in this sector.

Cutting equipment is important in all stages of daily work processes. Bone-in parts such as leg shanks or chops must be cut, frozen products must be cubed before processing, and ham and fresh sausage must be sliced into cold cuts at the counter. In addition to band saws or derinders, many companies need equipment that cuts strips and grinds meat for specialty assortments as well as slices vegetables or cubes cheese for their catering services. Fully and semiautomatic multi-purpose can fulfill such requirements. Cutting machines and saws range in size from small to industrial and can include lifting/tipping devices for trolleys or lifts for Euro crates.

When purchasing a cutter, vital points are unproblematic integration into production lines, precise cuts, easy blade and tool changes and simple cleaning. In addition, the highly developed, sensor-controlled safety technology (from Quick-Stop to “Finger Protection”) offered by most providers, which helps prevent dangerous injuries to operators, is of utmost importance.

This Die Fleischerei article presents industry-specific cutting solutions that can help companies optimize production.

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