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Precise measurement at variable sites

The use of mobile weighers can optimally link processes such as dosing, filling, formulating or counting in the production flow, particularly with changing from one location to another. This allows workflows to be more effectively designed, handling to be simplified and sources of errors reduced.

The mobile hygiene weighers from Höfelmeyer (Georgsmarienhütte, Germany) present themselves as a technical all-in-one solution because they can be used for both mobile and stationary weighing.

Their advantages become apparent, for example, as part of the intralogistics. The weighing solutions, which can be calibrated, can be used in clean rooms, with a powerful rechargeable battery and WiFi data transfer making them highly adaptable.

Along with simple weighing tasks such as recording and providing weight data, their range of applications also includes dosing of individual components, formulation of multiple components, counting and picking of orders. If necessary, customer-specific programmed sequences enable operation adapted to the weighing process. The operating sequence on the weighing terminal can also be expanded by a calibration function. Optional tilt sensors ensure that the weigher is operated within the specific limits and always provides reliable measurements.

The mobile hygiene weighers have a modular design corresponding to their application. A wide range of platform dimensions and heights, weighing areas, terminals, rollers and peripheral equipment can be combined. Manual scanners simplify the selection of articles and order items or the entry of batch data. Printers provide protocol data or labels for identifying products. And the mobile weighers from Höfelmeyer are used in digital production as part of Industry 4.0. The modular Iris software package, which is used for inspecting, controlling and analysing the weighing and measuring components, offers powerful data management for this purpose. It enables all data to be recorded, analysed and processed centrally.

The weighers comply with the most stringent quality and hygiene requirements. All components are enclosed in a cabinet solution made from stainless steel with an optional hatch for the printer. Open screws, concealed edges and dead spaces have been avoided. An electropolished version is possible.

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