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The slicer portfolio of Weber Maschinenbau (Breidenbach, Germany) offers the suitable solution for any situation. The Weber Slicer S6, for example, has established itself as a high-performance machine for effective and precisely portioned cutting in numerous applications and combines maximum performance, best product yield and highest quality, according to the company. Two times the amount of raw ham, two times the amount of French cooked ham, four times the number of roasts – the slicer’s quality, precision and efficiency are highly convincing.

The S6 is equipped with highlights such as the four-way lane-independent interleaver. In combination with track-related drives in the product feed, products are individually guided to the cutting edge to fill, interleave and transport incomplete portions as required. The optimal feed of the product to the blade ensures optimal slices even with the most difficult applications.

The sickle and circular knives at the heart of the slicer were developed and manufactured in-house and are marketed worldwide under the Durablade brand. These knives achieve impressive results even in demanding applications, according to the manufacturer, who cites one example: When processing French cooked ham, quality problems such as wedged, folded and torn slices are no longer an issue with the suitable Durablade knife.

Weber has developed a new knife system especially for the S6, as well as for frozen or extremely hard products: the “Durablade Performance” knife, which is housed in a specially developed cutter head and characterized by higher stability. According to the manufacturer, this guarantees even more precise cutting for perfectly aligned portions and unique cutting results with maximum utilization of the cutting shaft width.

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