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Practical Velcro fastener

The portfolio of allfo (Waltenhofen, Germany) includes sealed-edge, shrink and tubular bags, as well as boil-in-the-bag and stand-up pouches and even multi-layer bags. Many models are available with practical opening aids. In addition to the classic zipper, Allfo scores points with the HookVak, a food-safe Velcro fastener that is integrated into the bag. The sealed seam is located above the reclosure and allows the contents to be removed in whole or in part. The user then simply presses the Velcro fastener back into place.

In addition to classic vacuum bags made of PA/PE composite film, the company is increasingly addressing the issue of sustainability. In Germany alone, around eleven million tons of food are thrown away every year. With their protective functions, vacuum bags can make an important contribution to reducing food spoilage.

Vacuum bags made from renewable raw materials also play an important role. According to Allfo, 67 percent of the material mix in its own models consists of sugar cane and rapeseed instead of oil. By doing this, the company wants to offer its customers a packaging solution that lets them attract unhappy consumers and simultaneously protect food and conserve resources with a high-quality vacuum bag.

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