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Practical grinding technology

Karl Schnell (Winterbach, Germany) recommends its E 130, G 160, U 200, V 250 and K 280 grinders for the most diverse quantity requirements in the meat-processing industry. KS grinders process fresh and frozen meat – pre-cut or in whole blocks – in the temperature range down to –18 °C.

The drives, which are adapted to the blade set diameter, result in efficient energy consumption and a safe work environment. Overload protection devices prevent machine failures, even under extreme loads. The rugged construction meets the practical needs of heavy operations. Low-noise drives with toothed belts reduce noise and thus contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere. Adapted to the use case, these machines can be equipped with a wide variety of blade sets and can thus be used for many different products. Furthermore, the optimized interior geometry guarantees that the hopper is completely emptied. The automatic load-dependent speed controls ensure constant and safe operation and consistent product quality. Perforated disk sizes from 130 mm to 280 mm diameter are standard. The special blades work almost without any contact.

For the highest throughput, KS offers thin hole and the finest hole disks with extremely small bore diameters all the way to 1.2 mm. The result is a finer standardized material that enables efficient and fast mixing with powdered additives in downstream process steps.

The grinder is loaded sequentially with a lifting device or continuously with a conveyor belt. Special constructions of the feeder and work screws in connection with the respective blade sets fulfill the requirements for economic work with high performance and quality, according to the company.

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