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Practical cleaner in tablet form

Rational (Landsberg am Lech, Germany) offers a solid cleaning agent for its combi steamers: care and cleaning tabs. Just like a household dishwasher, the SelfCookingCenter and CombiMaster Plus clean themselves automatically with the cleaning chemicals in tablet form. These completely prevent burns to the eyes, respiratory tract and skin caused by spraying and handling liquid chemicals.

The cleaning and care products are adapted to Rational equipment and guarantee maximum hygiene safety. Special substances in the tabs protect and can extend the life of the SelfCookingCenter. The limescale remover prevents limescale deposits. As a rule, no external decalcification system is required.

With other cleaning agents, there is a risk of burns in the cooking chamber and insufficient cleaning results. The cleaning agents may even be transferred to food.

To clean the VarioCookingCenter, all you need is a sponge and a vinegar cleaner. The device has an integrated hand sprayer for hygienically rinsing the jars afterwards. Manual cleaning of the VarioCookingCenter takes two minutes and consumes hardly any water.

In general, daily cleaning of the equipment is recommended. The SelfCookingCenter also has an Efficient Care Control function. Depending on how dirty the appliance is, it determines the cleaning level and suggests the optimum quantity of cleaner and descaler.

Increasing requirements of the supervisory authorities as well as demanding hygiene regulations also require a considerable administrative effort. ConnectedCooking can support the user. All the most important ­HACCP data are automatically recorded and documented. The data of all connected devices are recorded and clearly displayed and stored.

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