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Powerful absorptive core

McAirlaid’s, supplier of airlaid non-woven fabrics and absorption specialist (Steinfurt, Germany), has a broad range of soaker pad products for all meat products and all types of tray. “We offer the perfect solutions with performance characteristics that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of the particular meat product,” said Alexander Maksimow, President and Chief Executive Officer, McAirlaid’s. “If meat products are combined with the wrong soaker pad, the absorption capacity is not correct and does not guarantee retention of the absorbed liquid in the core,” he emphasised, adding: “Every meat product requires its own perfect solution.”

McAirlaid’s product portfolio is based on SuperCore, the innovative absorbent core with an absorption capacity that exceeds that of conventional non-woven fabrics by up to 30 percent, according to the company. SuperCore is the world’s first airlaid without synthetic components.

Despite being extra thin, the core exceeds the absorption capacity of conventional airlaids because it does not include any non-absorbent components. This allows the airlaid to absorb fluids quicker and distribute the fluid evenly in its core, where it is reliably retained and is not released – even if pressure is applied.

The performance characteristics are enabled by the thermo-mechanical fibre bonding method, which does not require either adhesive or binders.

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